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UPSC Topper rank 3 is helping others with guidance

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Update: Also see this post on IPS Varun Kumar’s Sexual Harassment case.

UPSC IAS exam Rank 3 Dr. RV Varun Kumar is helping candidates in an online forum where he is very popular due to his supportive nature. He has even given his mail id and phone nos for others (do not disturb his though). See excerpts of the discussion and images below or follow the link above:

Rank 3

I am Dr.RV.Varun Kumar. I’ve secured rank 3. Thanks for this community for keeping my morale upbeat before the results were declared. Love you guys. You did a great job and the comedy was enjoyable. I have bought a new sim card to help out candidates. My mobile number is 09962905270. Pl call me after two days (spare me for some press interviews). I want to share what I did during the preparation. Already i’ve requested the media to publish it. Lets see if they do it in tomorrow’s newspaper. I say something and they write some non sense. I read some articles in internet now. Anyway will try my best to be of some use to anybody out there who needs help. You can also mail me at zloty_zho(at)

3rd attempt for me. Rank 3 in CSE 2010. Rank 67 in Central Police Force Exam 2009 (didn’t join). 96% in 12th std. Worst student in college (failed in 4 out of 7 papers in my final yr BDS).

1st option – IPS.

id two internships. One at Seoni district in Madhya Pradesh and another with Tamil Nadu State Human RIghts Commission. Guys for how many years are you going to continue to go to ravindran or attend mock interviews? Please do some internships. NOt with NGOs or with IT companies. Start the revolution of internship with ISRO, DRDO, Cabinet Secretariat, Planning COmmission. YES, they’ll say – nothing of that sort exists. They said it to me. Never stopped trying. GO FOR IT. Atleast one of you will succeed in doing it. It will help in your interview and the rest of your career. Get down to the streets to perform better in interview.

Documentaries. Search for them. I’ll tell you how. I saw “the Devil Came on Horseback” a few days before MAins GS. Please download it and see it. Then read GS question paper. Pl tell me if it is useful or not. There was a question on Sudan. I’m sure i could have written more content than many others.

Pl. I never answer to this question. You’re gonna kill your brain when you follow the book someone else follows. Ideally, no matter what book you read, pl see to that THE AUTHOR READS IT TO YOU AND YOU DON’T PUT EFFORT TO READ IT. By that I mean to say that reading should not be a burden. You should be comfortable with the font, the language, the style of writing. Doesn’t matter if you read basu or lakshmikant until you’re thorough with the powers of the speaker.

Tell me about your family?
Factual ans:
My dad is dr.Veerasekaran, a professor in economics. Mother is house wife. Brother is an engineer.
Opinion based answer:
It is a sweet family that has always supported me to chase my dreams rather than chasing someone else’s dream.
Both are right. Understand the question and react to the situation. If a police officer asks me the question, i’ll give factual answer. If a friend here in this community asks this question i prefer opinion based answer.


its waste to mention book list. Pl read my above replies. Since you insist I’ll give.
Didnt read any book thoroughly. Took points here and there.
For both paper 1 & 2
Rumki BASU
IJPA (Prem’s xerox – 2 books, 1 old, 1 new)
adminstrative thinkers
avasthi maheswari


I didn’t party yet. Didn’t even go to a restaurant or a movie. Have been visiting candidates. Sacrifice????????? I’m not a holy angel. Waiting for my friend Dr.Saravanan to reach chennai in two days. I’ll enjoy after he comes here. Heavy duty enjoyment. Can’t forget guys who stayed in your life during hard times 😉 Bye friends. Good night.

Delhi chalo!

Whoever asks me this i give the same answer. If chennai is topping the selection, I wouldn’t say chennai does it independently. It is because of Delhi. Rank 1 might have studied completely in chennai and I also heard some other rank holders FALSELY giving interviews to media (to impress the tamil media) that they didnt take any help from delhi. Common man there’s no material here. Everything comes from DElhi (mukherjee ngr or rajinder ngr) . So plz go to delhi. Life is all about CHOICE. You got it in delhi, in terms of material, coaching classes etc. NewDelhi is USELESS for Pub ad. Don’t trust anyone there. I’m speaking from my experience.


The answer is clearly coming out in your own post. Plz move to delhi. You’ll find good material, serious candidates, ample choice of coaching institutes. It’ll definitely be beneficial to join a coaching institute until you always see them with suspicion. Keep checking their credibility (of material, notes, claim over previous yr results, command over the subject etc). some institutes give some materials to candidates which offer zero value to help them crack the exam. I pray that they stop being a pain for these candidates.

1. when to stop reading newspapers( is this the right time to stop),
you said NO magazines… so how many newspapers one requires to cover in general..and how many hours dedicated only for news papers…
2.time management for the remaining 20 odd days..
3.taking test papers(did u do them?)
4.also please list out the documentaries that u saw…it’ll help a lot.
5.India yr book by Pub div..did you do this( or other short versions in the market)?..if many chapters…
6.Indian economic many chapters..
1. Don’t ever stop buddy. Even the news you read on the morning of exam might be of help. And is our aim focussed only on prelims? UPSC clearly knows candidates won’t read newspapers during this time. Will it not be attractive for UPSC to test you in this area? So lets continue reading newspapers.
2. Please maintain a small notepad PRECISELY noting down the time you’re studying. Will help you slowly increase the duration. It is VERY ESSENTIAL to keep your motivation positive during this time. Rely on inspirational music or movies or whatever. It’ll help you plunge and take risks. I attempted 114 questions out of 120 in gs. My score was 75 in GS. If you think back you will know that this is a very good score. Prelims itself will tell your rank. If you sore really well you’ll be in top 20.
3. Did a lot of them. Very useful. Pl don’t work out questio n paper from worthless institutes. Unable to clear this examination, those useless fellows are cheating you by giving worthless papers. You know what to trust and what not to.
4. A lot of them bro. I have at least 500 of them. UPSC candidates pl develop this hobbies. Go to mv group and download. It is a pastime wherein you get educated about issues important for upsc. So hitting two birds in one stone. Why do you guys ever read geography. Pl go to you tube and type the concepts like plate tectonics. There you’ll get audio visual help buddy. MAKE READING A PLEASURABLE EXPERIENCE AND NOT A BURDEN.


apart from this i regularly followed press information bureau. Pl search elaborately about nobel winners and their work. This is UPSC’s favorite area. Maglev was asked in 2010. I read about it before mains while researching about nobel prize winners and their contribution. Some times you strangely it upon some detail and later it appears in question paper. That’s a gift man. Direction-less browsing will sometimes be beneficial if you know when to stop.
I NEVER READ ANY MAGAZINE. Pl make it categorical in your mind. all magazines are nothing but an aggregate of advertisements of coaching institutes and stolen material from internet. the cut, copy, paste logic. Better rely on your notes itself.


1.wat kind of criteria or qualification 4 doin internship??
2.cud it be done in 3-4 months after mains?
@all – My reply
1. Criteria? You should have the passion to learn. I approached them so many times. They’ll close the door on you. You’ll be ill treated some times. Just make them understand that you wanna learn and they can help. You’ll have a tough time in convincing them, but I promise you that the result is priceless. You’ll tell me this on a later date after giving your interview for topping the exam in 2011. Whom will you approach? Why don’t you approach Planning commission or Lok Sabha Secretariat or cabinet secretariat or PMO??????? Think big. You’ll get something out of it. Instead of wasting your time in some coaching institutes who meaninglessly take current affairs class for interview, this search will help better. Let us assume you fail to convince them, but at least you tried. In that process your communication skills improve and you slowly learn to market yourself. Coaching institutes should close down after mains. They should leave the candidates in peace.
2. Nov 10th my sociology paper was over. November 12th morning I started my preparation for interview. “early bird catches the worm”. Similarly I started my mains preparation the 3rd day after prelims. What is impossible? If a person like me who failed 4 out of 7 papers in final yr, can get rank 3, why not others aim for rank 1? You can do it. Got the heart to do it?


I never read any magazine. I completely relied on The Hindu. But reading Hindu alone is a disaster as UPSC has started playing tricks. I’ll prove it to you. There was a question about systems reforms commission in pub ad. It appeared only in Indian Express and not in the Hindu. Kindly go back and check it for yourself. I took the extra effort and went and asked to Ravindran sir whether Systems reform commission is important. Those who attended GS crash course class with me will remember. He blatantly told “no it is not important and I’ve not heard of it”. But I still felt itchy. So prepared notes for it and kept it with hope. I was proved right. Since many candidates are reading The Hindu alone UPSC has played the trick of focusing on some other newspapers also. SO please diversify your reading habits. Read Sci and Tech from TOI. IE delhi edition is awesome. Read it and take notes and also save clippings from it. You’ll outperform others in GS. Continuously IE was publishing news about Planning Commission being converted into systems reform commission as Prime minister took up this reform process too personally.

You didnt get my point categorically. Now listen. Documentaries list can be given at this moment. Not an issue. But guys are missing the logic behind what I say. I’m asking for to avoid wasting time during preparations. But there is also a point that you cannot keep studying all the time. So what do you do? Find a hobby that’ll both entertain you and be useful for civil service prep, at the same time you should feel that you are far away from civil service prep. My tailor made solution for this puzzle is DOCUMENTARIES. I found it a logical way out. YOu kill time, but usefully. Now that I’ve made my argument favoring documentaries, what do you watch? Last year I watched “the devil Came on Horseback” and I wrote a beautiful answer in GS for a question on Sudan. But if you watch this docu now, what is the use? Rather you can watch a documentary on nuclear safety (keeping Japan disaster in mind). You can also watch geography videos in you tube in relation to plate tectonics. If ya’ll don’t get this logic or if i’m not clear I can explain in a different way. But asking the list won’t serve the purpose. I’m an old guy now (2010 aspirant). Innovate ideas of your own style commensurate with 2011 news. GOt it?

@ tough time
I have a question for you. What is the meaning of ‘tough time”. This is the time of your preliminary exam. Pl change your profile name. Every single time you’ll log in to orkut you’ll be reminded of your tough time. Lets name it “pleasant time”?
About your doubt on internship. I like to tell you that I tried very hard for such internships. I failed mostly, except on two occasions, ie Seoni Dist, Madhya Pradesh (administrative internship) and TN state human rights commission internship. Complete your mains and come to chennai. I’ll arrange it for those candidates who are interested 😉
Ok i’ll propose one more idea here. An idea close to my heart and the one which I tried so hard but failed to materialize. Let us see who is smart enough to grab the opportunity in 2011. Firstly i’ll tell my failure. I wanted to do an administrative internship. Where do I do? TN or J&K or Delhi? What’s the big deal. I was doubtful if it’ll leave an impact on the interview panel. Why no do it in a place where administration is tough and challenging? Was thinking about desert area but suddenly atoll struck me. Then I decided i’ll try for an administrative internship in Lakswadweep islands. It’s scattered land. For many things they’re dependent on mainland. For travelling from one land to another itself you either have to use helicopter or take the ship. So if district collector agrees then I thought I was up for a challenge and learning experience. Called him up and persuaded him so much. Tried till last moment. But failed. He was not interested in this idea. I also had very little time. So shifted my focus to Seoni as I had a friend there. Finally I did the internship but that Lakshwadweep lacunae was always there and hurting me. Anybody out there to succeed in a thing in which I failed?


No no no no no. Don’t join an NGO. It won’t serve the purpose. I’ll tell you the reasons. If at all you work with the NGO, you’ll only come to know things were our system has failed. Like if you go to a ngo working for children you’ll get angry at the state of affairs. Secondly, NGOs and the state of affairs mostly turn out to be the failure of bureaucracy and the polity. This work will make you passionate. You are not allowed to be so passionate about any cause in your interview as you are going to be a generalist. Thirdly, there is high chances of you itself becoming cynical about bureaucracy. A dangerous U-Turn before your interview. Don’t play with your personality before the interview. Instead get yourself attached to good and energetic bureaucrats. You’ll develop a passion towards the work. It’ll show up in interview. Positive energy will show up brother! You choose which one you want from my argument.

My mock interview will answer many of your doubts. Board never gives you any opportunity to boast and market yourself. You have to grab it or beg, borrow, steal. So how will you tell these things to the board? Watch my interview. He’ll ask me to introduce myself. I’ll use it to my advantage. I’ll load the video quickly. Feeling terribly sleepy. Will load the first part today in order to keep up my word. Rest i’ll load tomorrow. You can say whatever you want, but finally link the point to the question which the board asks. That’ll make sense.

Marks Query:-
Roll No. : 021490
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
Subject Maximum
Marks Marks
Essay(Paper III) 200 119
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 115
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 123
Optional I, SOCIOLOGY Paper-VI 300 186
Paper-VII 300 180
Optional II, PUBLIC ADMIN.. Paper-VIII 300 196
Paper-IX 300 164
Written Total 2000 1083
Interview Marks 300 234
Final Total 2300 1317
Remarks : Recommended.


I asked my friend to take notes for me. He helped me by writing the newspaper notes in a separate book. I’ll underline the notes and give the newspaper to him. He’ll enter it in place for me. It is always better to list the topics number-wise. Let us say civil nuclear liability bill. Today few points might appear but tomorrow another set of points might appear. So i’ll add tomorrow’s points as issue no. 10, for instance. And if previous day news about that bill is entered as issue number 3, i’ll make a note near issue no.10 “refer issue no.3”.
Note: I didnt score well in GS. So kindly talk to other toppers who have merit in advising you.
Part 3 also loaded.


Institute fellows never know what UPSC interview is all about. For the sake of giving feedback they talk some crap. Learn to ignore such feedback. You will know your own limitations. Correct them. This panel asked me to use hand movements and not to be so rigid. But on thorough research on interview etiquettes I found out that it is always better not to keep moving your hands, rather it is better to lock your fingers together



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Written by upsc aspirants

May 19th, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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  1. congrats varun


    26 May 11 at 10:07 am

  2. hi varun ji! best wishes for ur charming life. I wish for ur huge success life. really it’s true now u’ve become top model for us.

    Abhimanyu pandey

    16 Jul 11 at 12:50 pm

  3. SIR …,
    u r really genuine n ur thoughts n vry much inspirin….
    well hws ur ips service goin on……?cud u realise ur DREAMZ……………..
    MAY BOD BLESS…………..!!!!!!!!!!


    16 Jul 11 at 10:08 pm




    21 Jul 11 at 1:07 pm

  5. Thanks Varun. However your delhi chalo concept is a bit bothering. Not only Rank 1 but also Rank 4 is completely from chennai. Delhi has become very expensive. Monthly atleast 10000 is needed in old rajender nagar. Institutes are charging around Rs 34000/- per optional.. A person needs to spend both the optionals 68000 + GS (let’s say in vajiram = 52000 + 18000 for CSAT) Total fees = 138000 + 14000 ( services taxes ) + 120000 (rental and food etc ) which comes to whopping Rs 272000/- . Is this really worth considering the fact that Ravindran is no longer completely taking Polity and Kapooria hardly comes to classes in Vajiram.. I am having Public adminstration and History as optionals. Manitha neyam for Pub ad is excellent… History by siddarth is very good but he goes very fast, but need to admit that is the only way to complete History syllabus. Delhi may be always better than chennai but considering the cost factor, do you advise people like who are natives of chennai to migrate to delhi ?? Because only GS and essay is the real botheration.. What is your take on this kindly clarify.. Thanks in advance..


    24 Jul 11 at 12:03 pm

  6. congrats sir for ur grand success,,,,,,,i went through ur autobiography nd i fully inspired,,,,,,,,i want to know how u prepared for UPSE

    Raunak kumar

    24 Jul 11 at 9:24 pm

  7. sorry sir UPSE me galti ho gaya,,,,,,,its UPSC

    Raunak kumar

    24 Jul 11 at 9:28 pm

  8. jai Hind… sir. you change our police system. i inspired you. JAI HIND SIR.

    vipin yadav

    27 Jul 11 at 4:21 pm

  9. First of all we would like to thank you for coming and motivating us in bangalore… Your Words spoke about ur Dynamic Character and the sheer dedication you had towards attaining your goal…. you have given us an idea on which path to choose inorder to suceed in civils…. truly your session with us was inspiring… May u acheive more success in the days to come…


    22 Aug 11 at 7:51 pm

  10. can u make a website which helps civil aspirants

    sai bhargav

    4 Sep 11 at 1:43 pm

  11. …congrats for Ur great success sir………
    and thanks for Ur helpful guidance ……..
    Its such imp to me ……and those who are uncap able to go Delhi….
    Ur guidance help me give some impractical energy study hard ………

    again………………..thanks thanks thanks……….good life and good day…..

    Machindra Tawle

    23 Sep 11 at 3:34 pm

  12. I hav started to study for IAS, after a long gap…..this is thebest piece of info I hav found on net. n yes I was watching youtube and other internet sites for long to clear my doubts……thanxxxxx


    26 Nov 11 at 10:29 pm

  13. hi varun i too am a dentist , what are the questions asked regarding dentistry in the interview,

    mani prasad

    2 Dec 11 at 7:23 pm

  14. varun bhaiya….you rocks…..INSPIRED !!!


    7 Dec 11 at 11:28 pm

  15. Hai varunji, congratulation for ur success, iam a ips aspirant u r my role model ji, i will follow ur technic and i will surely suceed in cse


    27 Dec 11 at 12:25 pm

  16. i will ,meet u sir one day and say some thing which in not possible on this screen wait and watch

    alok patel

    8 Jan 12 at 7:14 pm

  17. sir please guide us

    188 vikash

    8 Feb 12 at 7:46 am

  18. Haha..very intrstng way of introducng al da misconcptns dt evry aspirant follows….:).wt r da strategies dt u use in ur optiönals 4 such an amazng mrks..?i,2 hv da same optionals…

    Lucy k

    18 Feb 12 at 4:33 pm



    22 Feb 12 at 2:42 pm

  20. SIR WHICH BOOKS ARE referd to ias…..please tell me book names.


    22 Feb 12 at 2:43 pm

  21. good afternoon sir,
    i am gouri shankar a btech 1st year student from bihar.
    can u suggest me how time will be managed and at least how many hours should be given for the prepration of upsc exam.

    gouri shankar

    21 Mar 12 at 2:18 pm

  22. Good day sir, l am docter. Birth date 20/05/1982 .obc cat. I want to go for upsc exam. Please guide me.


    29 Apr 12 at 4:54 pm

  23. Dear sir, I am electrical of my optional paper is public admn but i’m confused about 2nd paper. i want to select one among geography,sociology ,pali. pl suggest me. Also i’m looking for ur handwritten notes of public admn.

    R Kumar

    26 May 12 at 7:28 pm

  24. i need guidance in public administation and sociology


    27 May 12 at 12:29 pm

  25. hi, sir im a B.D.S. pass out and preparing for civil services this is my 2nd attempt , plz guide me in pub ad that how 2 present the answers for scoring good marks

    naveen pratihar

    31 May 12 at 12:54 am

  26. congrats sir…AIR-3 ….Am inspired toppers like you…
    2o12 am completed and appeared CSAT….but without guidence am worst in prelims (2month before am start prepare)due to lack preparation … very serious that i want to be a IPS ready to work hard.Sir now am prepareing for 2013 -CSAT,i draw myself preparation calender..but i can’t able to follow.i had a idea to join in IAS the same i need to go for job too.(dual task).produce you suggestion to my query..


    3 Jul 12 at 8:44 pm

  27. Sir,
    I have read interviews of a number of upsc toppers but the thing which makes you completely different from others is your honesty with which you answer all the questions in a straight forward manner. I am highly impressed with all your views and thoughts and always get inspired whenever and wherever i read your interviews.

    abhishek dangara

    24 Jul 12 at 10:54 pm

  28. how the candidates will be divided and allocated posting by upsc exam?
    plz reply…….


    22 Aug 12 at 5:39 pm

  29. Hey Varun, aren’t you updating the blog? I think you dont get time, but if u find any please do write something yaar.


    3 Jan 13 at 8:34 pm

  30. congrats sir,i m very big fan of you. your read inerview with partiyogita darpan is so inspired that interview u told that no topper is inspired u,i m agree with u because any one not giving inspiring interview,they only give suggestion.sir i m student of bba.i also want join ips,can u help me.
    plz sir


    5 Jan 13 at 8:14 pm

  31. you are really superb. you have done great job. many many congratulation.


    13 Jul 13 at 10:03 pm

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