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Some suggestions to prepare for CSAT

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A guy named Nakul is giving some suggestions in an online forum on how to prepare for CSAT. If you want his advice you can read below and follow the link. Please note that it is only an individual’s opinion on preparation and not any official suggestion by UPSC or this blog. Follow the thread to follow all the debates on it.

1) theres no point debating over whether csat is good or bad…….ye human mentality hai…society always wants status quo…everybody resists change…to aap log bhi aakhir part of society hi ho…….khair jo bhi ho ab aapko csat dena hi hai….to jitna bhi ro-pito koi faida nahi……….

2) ab question aata hai syllabus ka…many people r afraid ki kahi CAT jaisa na ho….bhaiyo CAT jo result deta hai wo percentile hota hai….agar attempt terms mei dekhoge to people hardly attempt 30-40% paper……….many people get 70-80 percentile in english even they got zerro marks….so dont be afraid with CAT level word…finally attempt bahut kam hota hai CAT mei
3) in IAS there r 12000 seats so even if ur percentile is around 93-94 u will get through….uper se individual cutoff hai GS mei…..batti lag jaayegi non serious candidates ki……so dont bhi afraid………………………
4) overall a attempt of 20-25 % attempt in aptitude paper will make u get through definitely(assuming CAT level paper)
5) So dont panic, the paper is definately achievable for arts student also…………..


9) finally how to prepare………………
Mujhe pata hai aap log maanoge to hai nahi isliye i wont give a complete study map before febraury kyunki mai aap logon ke chutiyaapon mei support nahi dunga……………
10) u prepare for GS of preims in december agar bahut mann kare…..prepare india year book throughly………..both prelims and mains will be covered……………….
11) for aptitude for abt ethics and psychology stupidity right now…………..aptitude ke liye TIME aur career launcher ki booklets aati hai unhe kharid lena…..coaching ki koi zaroorat nahi hai kewal booklets enough hain……………….
12) ek simple maths book le lijiyega-Do these topics initially – 1) ratio and proportion
2)percentage and profit and loss
3) simple geometry
4) number theory- tables


Another guy Vishal also gives some suggestions:

While it is an honest attempt at helping others, I am afraid it may end up damaging prospects of others. I find some inconsistencies in the ‘facts’ you have presented here:
1. About CAT: I have attempted CAT and have talked to many friends who have done the same. It has undergone many changes in recent years and these days, 70-80% paper is attempted by candidates (It is not even the upper limit).
2. The population that attempts civil services, has a huge variance in their background (academic, aptitude, experience etc). To say, one can follow a common roadmap, is like flirting with danger.
3. One should definitely plan for oneself. The societal tendency of taking advice with a pinch of salt, may not be all that bad.
It is just an attempt to respond to an honest thread and it is a totally personal opinion. "Trust, but verify."


Marcus says

I think there will be a differnce in the orientation of the questions rather than the difficulty after all there are some sectons which are untoched by the managment exams
and I think the questions wil force us to think differnetly .it will not be a lame attempt of making it tuff by giving tough problems to solve..if anyone thinks thats the idea I think my personal feeling is that they are wrong
Apart from quants and maybe english rest of the paper will force us to thin on differnet lines hence ….any comparison with management level exams is futile beyond a point
if anything but the GS 2010 paper was a pointer …then it was not tuff it was put out very differntly thats what I feel …so I belive its the game of how the questions will be farmed rather than what questions will be farmed


UPSC is not at all in a mood to entertain anyone foolish people question UPSC.
If u can not fit in frame of UPSC. U will be out. thats reality.
What UPSC is doing is breaking the age old established rigid procedures and cramming kind of process of Civil Service Exam in the country. reading books is certainly not sufficient now. Wide reading linkages and thinking ability with exact expression and presetation will lead to success in mains.
For prelims…your ability to think and go into depth with expanding knowledge will matter.
CSAT is aptitude…Ability to do something will be checked and not mere knowledge.

Challange before UPSC

UPSC will have to find balance between 2 extremes:-
1. To ensure that the students are not screwed i.e. to avoid a nation wide crisis followed by a nationwide protest.
2. To ensure that CSAT is not too easy to make UPSC aspirants a laughing stock before even the Bank clerk fellows.
My Endline:-
I expect difficulty level in CSAT as largely easier than CAT but surely tougher than SSC, Bank Clerk and MAT.


Hindu has become (not becoming) redundant

There is surely a diffrence between these aptitudes (read aptitude as mindset)
1. Civil Service Aptitude
2. Civil Society Aptitude
3. Business man Aptitude
4. Right/Conservative Aptitude
5. Centrist Aptitude
6. Leftist Aptitude
Most positions taken by the Hindu is towards Civil Society aptitude and not Civil Service aptitude. The Hindu is surely inclined towards Left/Libral ideology and towards Communist parties to be more specific.
So it has surely become redundant in my view.

ideology/aptitude/attitude…dictionary meaning of these terms..i also checked..
ideology- an orientation that characterizes thinking of a grp or nation…( since our country has no particular ideology,though political parties have; a civil servant ideally should not have any.)
aptitude-inherent ability…
attitude-A complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways [what Subham meant by different aptitudes were attitudes actually (Digvijay is right here)].
the basic function of civil servant is that of manager-like decision making and executing those decisions ( just like in any company; saving resources and reaching targets on time)…but at the same time he has to be considerate towards public welfare as a duty and therefore must have a flexible and balanced approach…
surely, newspapers have given us all one thing….knack for making simpler things complex…this discussion has strayed gradually from admnstv domain to that of politics…
newspapers are to be read; not to be followed religiously…based on objective facts, a suitable, innovative and progressive stand has to be taken…but multiple newspapers can be read for wide coverage and for knowing all the dimensions of an issue…
counter views welcome 🙂

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