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Getting selected in the UPSC exam while still in job

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Many candidates wonder if it is possible to get selected in the UPSC CSE exam or the IAS examination while also being in a job. The answer is yes but there are many riders to it. Many students are discussing it in an online forum and you can join them if you want to know more on this. Some excerpts:

I dnt know but may be i hav a misconception that people cant clear IAS xam while still engaged in job and without taking leave. And even if they r through their rank could nt be very good ,i.e say within 200 or 300.

2009 CS
1.GhanShyam Thori-Rank26th was in work wid Kodak/finance
2.Cyril 300+ Rank:-workd in Secreteriat
3.Rashmita Panda AIR 13th was workin as a teacher
den d most concernd person,u may take into consideration z Topper2010CS:Ms. S. Divyadharshini:working as a banker in State Bank of India….!.
so,nw i wud lik sum wid only wrds dat Dear "only determination/passion/feeling to serve Society(nation) matters"…either it is for UPSC:CS xam or for any thing else…!
nyways,neither i hav attempted even at once nor m havin enough Xperiance…!m preparing only for "how to becum an aspirant"….so if dis short(n sortd hahah)info may sumhow z nt as enough,do post sum odrs qurries……people aspired CS or in aspiration wil help u sure… 🙂

I am still working as an engineer in BHEL since 2009(after qualifying from college). Luckily got 89th rank this time. this was my second attempt. gave interview even in first attempt. though it is a bit though. but quite manageble. (Gaurav)


congratulations awkash…i was working initially wid DRDO and then with Indian railways…i got 37th rank in CSE-2010

Rank 1 was working for SBI …. was reading around 4-5 hours per day
( According to interview to NDTV or CNN IBN .. i dont remember )


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May 14th, 2011 at 10:04 am

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