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UPSC Interview experience: Board of Shri Vijay Singh

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This is extract of UPSC IAS interview of a candidate named Devesh in an online forum. It will be useful for anyone looking for more information on Vijay Singh’s board (interview dated 25 March 2011)

I Was last to be interviewed (out of six) in forenoon session on 25th march in the Vijay singhs’ Board
5 persons were there 2 women in the board
they were discharging every person in 25 minutes on average
before I was called upon for the interview it was around 40 minutes ago the last person was called. I was little anxious that what is going on why they are taking so much time with that fellow. the person called me that it is my number. He asked me to drink water. scaring me. I was asked to wait outside the room there I show some empty plates were going out of their room
so they had their food and thats’ why it took them 40-45 minutes to call me. I had a shy of relief that they will not eat my head.. food matters
the person who called me for interview from waiting room opened the door still I knocked the door and asked
May I come in sir?
yes come in.
I entered with good smile wished all first the two women and then chairman
Chairman asked me to be sited
but it was not so easy
before I could grab my seat
question started
Q:Ohh great! what is your height Mr. Devesh?
A:Sir, It is 6 feet 3 inches
You could have been a good pace bowler
Sir, I could Have but I have not tried
chairman again said ohh Please sit
I did.. since I was standing near the chair.. wished them again.. now started the rain of questions.
Q:So, you have completed your M Tech in 2008 what are you doing now?
A: Sir, Now I am doing Ph D in the Rubber Technology Center Of IIT kharagpur.
Q:For fun time pass or…?
A: No Sir, I am doing Ph D because it give good knowledge and experience and if the terms and conditions of civil service permits I Would be completing it in future. (here the chairman looked happy )
Q:So, Rubber technology. Do you know about Rubberised roads?
A: Yes sir I know about Rubberised roads.


Q:what is different with normal road?
A:Sir Rubberised roads are constructed by mixing scrap waste rubber with asphalt and using the same in road construction. These roads are more durable and give good traction and prevent skidding. These roads are more useful in the area where rainfall is more like in kerala, west bengal.
Q:we are doing this in Kerala and I am from that state.
A: Right sir, It is very good initiative.
Q: Does India have that potential of rubberising roads?
A: Yes sir we have the potential since we are the second largest consumer of rubber and a lot of waste is being generated every year, if we can utilize this waste rubber it is very good. (here the other person look sitting near to chairman looked happy and said that he is from kerala cadre)
Q:what is the status of roads and other infrastructure in Rajasthan?
A; Sir the length of roads is less then what is needed but the condition is good and reason is there that once a road is constructed it remain there because of lack of rain. More Infrastructure is needed for better connectivity.
Q: Who could be the good administrator. A academician or a sports person?
A: Madam,I think It could be either an acedmician or sports person because to be a good adminitrator depends on the aptitude of a person or how a person thinks.
Q: so you will not go with one
A: madam I cann’t go with.
(The Chairman came in my side and said right it depends on the aptitude of a person.)
Q:I see you have completed your schooling from Jhunjhunun District rural area
A: Right Sir.
Q:what problem did you find there in water resource?
A: Sir water is really scare there. People face problem of water for drinking, Irrigation and industrialization. it could be seen by the fact that due to drought the state GDP growth is lowest in all state with just 3.4 per cent.


Q:how will you solve that?
A:Sir, I shall try to alive bawadi, Johad, talab in the area which served the purpose in past, along with that I shall try to recharge the ground water by making check dams and with the latest development in technology in agriculture like drought resistance crop.
Q:What is Important for a farmer.. 1 credit 2 seeds 3 water
A: madam, It is credit. (She didn’t ask why)
Q: what GOI have done for credit
A: madam. GOI have increase the amount of credit to be distributed in farmers from 3lakh 75 thousand crore to 4 lakh 75 thousands crore this fiscal.
Q:What is your view about the bureaucracy is it honest or dishonest?
A: (I took little time here. it was i tricky question) madam, I met some officials for my work and nowhere i encountered an demand for bribe. So I cann’t say that they are dishonest
Q:What is general perception in your village?
A: Sir, the general perception is that many officers are dishonest. but sir one may or may not be dishonest but still the perception could be that the officer is dishonest because the officers are not easily approachable if an aam adami want to meet a DM of his district it is not easy and in the process to get he thing done he could be asked for bribe by babus and other people and the perception becomes that the officer is dishonest. So, Officer must have direct contact with public.
Q: do you think a office at the helm can make great changes in the working of system?
A: yes sir I think that an officer at the helm can certainly make great changes in his area of influence.


Q:If you become DM of J&K what will be your three piorities.. one two and three
A; madam first I shall try to control insurgency with the help of local government and community. second I shall also try to boost the tourism in the district with better development of infrastructure. and finally I shall try to develop the economic status of community by development of self help group and shall try to improve the education and health of the community.
Q:what is the differences in govt policies in different part of rajasthan?
A: sorry Sir I don’t Know.
Q:what is the status of their implementation like of MNREGA?
A: Sorry sir I have not gone through the reports.
Q tell something about rajasthan geographically.
A; sir, On the west side of aravali lies the desert and east side semi desert. the state falls in subtropical on latitudinally but climatically it is tropical. the state is drought prone.
Q : why now a days people don’t choose chemistry
A: (I thought She is asking that why people do not choose chemistry as an optional in Civils so I answered) madam the study of chemistry is tough and the way the answers UPSC wants are of different kind then other exams.
Q: (now she explained) no I am not talking about chemistry for UPSC I mean to say why not at graduation level.
A: sorry madam I don’t know even I can see many people are opting for chemistry My graduation college which was only for science stream is still full of students and lot of competition for the seats.
She smiled. may it was sarcastic one 🙂
Q: Do you know about new science universities opened recently by GOI?
A: Sorry Madam, I don’t know.
Q: Do you know any science institutes in India?
A: Yes madam Indian Institute of Science I know.
Q: where it is?
A: it is in Bengluru madam.
(I really answered what was real the above 4-5 questions and answers were not good enough but since I was not aware what else I could have answered. These answers may let me loose some points. may be.)


Q:have you gone through SC order on Euthenesia?
A: yes sir I have
Q: what is your view on it?
A; Sir, I agree with the judgement of hon’ble supreme court, but sir I think along with passive supreme court must also consider the cases on case to case basis since the economic and social problem used to be same in all cases.
Q: what is your view about allowing foreign universities to establish their institutions in India?
A: sir There is no harm to allow good foreing Institutions to come and establish their Institutions in India if they deliver good education it will benefit us. Thing is that they must not become just a money making machine.
Q: what is the relation between efficiency, inefficiency and honesty and dishonesty, and Who is more an efficient an efficient but dishonest or a inefficient but honest?
A Sir there is no relation between efficiency, in efficiency and honest and dishonesty. A person who is efficient but honest will be more efficient than a person who is efficient but dishonest.
ok Mr Devesh (the chairman asked other members if they ant to ask anything more but the said no it is ok and over)
I wished them Thanks
And I came out of the room with confident steps
The Interview I wrote is exactly what it was as far as I know.
Looking for your assessment.


Devesh says “My Interview lasted for around 30-35 minutes … since I think I was last so they took little extra time….. Ya Vijay Singh is a good personality tall and handsome person…. let see now how tall he is in marks giving :)…
you are right I could have given better ans on state questions like MNREGA but believe I knew nothing about this .. and these questions were not asked by chairman.. all the state related questions were asked by a person sitting right of Chairman.”

Follow this link to read it on the online forum where he has narrated it. See image below:

orkut - Vijay Singh Board ICS 25.03.11_1303394045087

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April 21st, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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