Download India Year Book 2011

India year book 2011 published by the Publications Division is a compendium of information relating to the country and will be very useful for students, researchers and anyone interested in knowing about India.

The book is priced at more than 300 Rupees (MRP) but is also available free of cost at the website of the publications division for downloading in pdf format. Presently it seems that the book is only available in the English language and the Hindi version may be posted later.

This book is a wealth of authentic, official information on India and should must be used by students, interview aspirants and foreigners and observers wanting to know more about India.

The UPSC aspirants study this book more than any other group of people.

You can visit the website of the publications division to download the book.

UPDATE: DOWNLOAD LINK NEW  Download the India Year Book from this link on mediafire. (tip by bnpsingh).

UPdate: See this link to download if the mediafire link does not work.

21 thoughts on “Download India Year Book 2011

  1. Its only 5 pages…cover and index. Seems they are not going to upload it this time or may do at a later stage. Want to make profit by selling it. SAD!!

  2. Y havent they uploaded yet ? what are they waiting for ? Not fair . Kindly make it available at the earliest .

  3. Seems they have not uploaded it yet…if anyone finds 2011 yearbook pls provide the link here..need it asap

  4. I have download last 3 year book in your site… please upload 2011 year book in this year please…. Don’t upload 5 page but upload whole book regarding 2011 year book… so middleclass student use this book…ok

  5. i m happy . I got full india year book 2011. But i m expecting some more books. For quantitative aptitude, english prepertions. Please upload such books soon.

  6. Hey I do require India Year Book 2012 for free download , could anyone provide the link for download

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