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Yoga as hobby in the UPSC Civil Services Exam interview

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A lot of people give Yoga as hobby in the popular ‘IAS exam (Civil Services Exam).’ In a forum a person gives a small but useful list of questions that could be asked if your hobby (real or indicated 😉 ) is Yoga! It is fashionable among UPSC aspirants to include Yoga as a hobby in the Main exam form! Follow all the links for original authors and more discussion:

relevace of yoga in present days. How will yoga help u in administration? Why yoga is more popular among foreigners than Indians? What measures u will take as administrator to popularise yoga especially among youths who r more into body building & aerobics? How is yoga different from other forms of physical exercises? or Is yoga more beneficial than other forms of physical exercises? There r more possibilities of asking about asanas – Writes IPS Rajiv

Extracts from more discussion on this in another older forum [2008]. Please follow the link for the full discussion (the thread may have expired and the page may be missing).

why yoga as your hobby??

Yoga is my hobby bcos it keeps me physically fit, gives me peace of mind and help me in concentration nd most of all I enjoy doing yoga
whats its significance in administration??
An administrator need to be fit both physically and mentally….
baba ramdev….hw far do you agree with the claims that he makes??
To agree or not agree here is not a question of faith, (it is like haath kangan ko arsi kya or phade likhe ko farsi kya,). There r a large nos of ppl coming to his camps and openly announce their results……also as a person I hv felt tht yoga does work
how is yoga helping you in your life??
This is quite evident from the fact tht the day I miss yoga I feel that I m missing something in my day…….
what is links between yoga & medical science
medical science deals with the functioning of different organs of body and yoga is a comprehensive way to keep the body organs free from all diseases, by cleaning body,
abt the decision of MP Govt……
yoga is now emerging as a major way to keep oneself fit, energetic, therefore the decision of MP Govt has to be look into a modern perspective. Now even foreigners have adopted yoga in a major way to keep themselves fit and in shape…..
and if due to yoga we have healthy children with higher I.Q. they will only act as the true human resources, hving a more learned, informed life with higher standard o living…..

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January 7th, 2010 at 5:02 pm

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