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Purushottam Agarwal in UPSC interview Board, vol. 2

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This is continuation from an earlier post on how Purushottam Agarwal is in an interview board. Please read volume one, other details and disclaimer here.

These are some of the questions that were asked to would-be IAS officers in his board:

why joinin CS afetr leaving lucrative career in bharti airtel & a first class in engg???spell ur service prefernces
IFS at second…?????
indias foreign policy objectives
is indian foregn policy a success or faiure
wat is the ONE &ONLY ONE singlr biggest headache the foreingn relations likely to pose??

wat is the plicy future wrt pak???
did the foreign policy faied wrt sri lanka??wwat did v learn frm our experiences??
wat abt mynmar– at one point india rjejects having relations wid dictatorial regimes?? on d other v embrace & shake hands wid military junta..and world community criticise us??wat abt democracy thr??
do u think govt can control infltion? or the govt wil fail in it?
why u support govt policy in this respect?? tell me 4-5 discrete instances in objectivityin this regard..abt wat steps govt taking..
do u think monitary policy can reaaly aid in price stabilty??especaaly current devpt..
hav u ever heard of—- tigers vs tribals debate??
tell some provisions of tiball rights act..
so can humans & tigers now live in harmony.. hahahha…
wat r ur views ab sarabjit?? shud b hanged..
wat mkaes u say that he hasnt been granted fair trial.. due process of law???
and wat abt afal guru then?? why d govt silrnt on him???

ther is one great freedom fighter –whose birth cenenary was celebrated last yr??
so, what wat u know abt bhagat singh??
was -total revolution propunded by him??? NO…. inqilaab
now a psychogist…
wat u know of LSD..alexander hoffman??
wat hav u heard of a bill or a case that has jst now been defeated in house of lords//and having significant impact on indian profesion–which is it??
…………………………. permanent frends permanent intersts.. speak wrt NAM
has NAm lost its relevance today in did unipolar world??
wat abt UN??? is nt it bcom a bastion of hydra headed US?? wats its futre??
now M3— ur birth place– udaipur…. watits known as …..
city of lakes
who constructed these lakes
wat shud b qualities of

my optionals geo & psycho….

wat shud b qualities of an good ias offcer..
do u think these can b present ii ips??
do u know background of rti act?? and tell wat is it??
how wud it help ordiary citizens…
jst two days bfor ther was a statement of condoleeza rice?? wat was that??
as an diplomat– wat hav been ur response to it??
again–wat abt women empowerment in rajsthan??( president & lady CM)
so,do u think ther is equlity right now??
wat cud b done???
u know i hav only presented the crux of Qs…. otherwise the statement of Qspresented by them ver ther was too lenthy & ambiguous….
this was really an experience of its kind….. bos all i had anticipted was ias Qs & 1-2 ifs Qs…
board was exremely cordial & supportive…
lasted around 35-40 minutes… 🙂 l
ooking forward to d D day now..:)

purushottam dont grill, but isMR. Lahiri, member to his left who does….
he comes up wid something which is diffrent frm ur own views….. otherwise, purushottam ji is someone who will support u..

Written by upsc aspirants

January 6th, 2010 at 6:40 pm

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  2. If this is the quality of english a future IAS officer types or speaks, i fear fot eh country’s future.


    14 Mar 12 at 3:34 pm

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