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Purushottam Agarwal in UPSC interview board: Vol. 1

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The following is the experience of students in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (IAS exam) Interview board 2008. These are excerpts from the discussion on a popular Orkut forum (link may have expired now and content may be missing).

The students were discussing how Purushottam Agarwal was as an interview board chairperson/interviewee in the year 2008 (April-May). This will be useful for anybody looking for preparation tips and strategies for the Civil Services Examination interviews. Please note that one paragraph below is the experience/narrative by one person except where indicated otherwise. Visit the link above to see if the thread exists. Part 2 will be published soon. Grammatical mistakes/typos have not been corrected thanks to lack of time.

experience was good
at least better tan DP Agarwal

One of my friends was at purshottam aggarawal’s board in I.F.S……..he got 100 out of 300….

i had my interview on 7th april afternoon…..Prof. Purushottam Agarwal’s Board…..2nd to be interviewed in the afternoon session…..No Technical (Mech. Engg.) questions….No questions related to Work Experience (working in TATA Motors for the last 3.5 years)…..most of the questions based on my hobbies (Reading Thought Provoking Books, Discussing Metaphysics, Listening to Ghazals)…….Many questions from corruption in the police system (IPS being my first preference)……Effects of Bihar-Jharkhand division(my native place being Bihar and Karmabhoomi being Jharkhand)…..the overall atmosphere was quite pleasant….lasted quite long…..the 3rd candidate told me that my interview continued for around 50 minutes….i didn’t feel at all that it continued so long….now, that’s called time dilation..overall, i would only say that it wasn’t bad.

A positive sign that felt during my interview is that the chairperson always appeared interested.Right through the interview he kept asking me questions and sub-questions.My interview ended also with his question only.Just keeping my fingers crossed….lets see if there lies an immediate turn in my life-path.

i was also interviewed in this board on 31st march afternoon.the experience was very good.the board was very cordial.they asked only opinion based questions and nothing from bio data or profession(i being a doctor) .


do u think UN has become redundant?
do u think india has achieved ite foreign policy objectives in last 20 years?
should India accept any responsibility for climate change?
should india sign nuclear deal?why there is opposition to ?
problems in my home district?if made collector which one will u take up first & why & how?
role of district collector?

1st member-
DC ‘ role in elections, code of conduct for political parties,
questions on composition of CEC,who is present CEC,is it constitutional or non constitutional .body,diff. bet constitutional. & non constitutional . bodies & few examples of both
when was 1st general elections held? what’s no of current LS? what’s duration of shortest LS? when was it? whose govt it was?

2nd member-
what is instrumentation engineering? which instruments u used? what is spectrophotometer?
diff. bet govt systems of India US & UK? diff bet unitary & federal?
what is d redeeming factor for strong US democracy?

3rd member-
do u think with 73 rd Amendment 3rd tier has been added to Indian federalism?
reasons for regional imbalance in Maharashtra? what’s mechanism to overcome it?
dou support Raj hackers propaganda against North India

4th member
what is GDP? current growth rate? why projection has been lowered in last few months? what diff sectors of economy & their sectoral composition to GDP? why so?
can economy achieve 10% growth in 11th plan & how? how to revive agriculture?
what diff. govnt schemes in rural areas?
why coop. movement strong in Maharashtra? what stotal no of sugar coop in Maharashtra? which is best managed sugar coop in Maharashtra?


interview on 9th fore noon opt- pub ad and geog

chairman- what is the latest biography you have read
other biographies you have read
difference between biography, auto biography, memoir
people who have inspired you from tamilnadu
bharat ratnas from tamilnadu
latest bharat ratna
bharat ratna from different ethnic background
right to information in lic
penal provisions of rti
origin of rti
differnce between all india service and central services
nrega- success or failure
nrega- sucess with an example

what is ethics
whether moral values have comedown
how to improve moral values
cauvery issue between tn and kar- georaphical angl

srilankan issue from origin
growth of ltte
what is on thflag of srilanka
what does the lion in hte flag symbolise
different tamil groups in srilanka
socio and economic status of different tamil groups
funding to ltte
what should be india’s position in srilankan problem
mullai periyar dam issue
largest states in terms of population, size their pop
smallest states in terms of pop, size

privatisation of lic
trade union of lic
aam admi bima yojana
micro insurance
health insurance
insurance in disaster management
agricultural insurance
aam admi bima yojana vs any policy of lic
financial inclusion- role of insurance
ips ias parity in 6th pay commission

lethargy in lic- experience of his policy transfer
accountability, customer service, redressal mechanism , computerisation, in lic

interview lasted for 35 minutes
board was very cordial

Read vol. 2 here

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January 6th, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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