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Is UPSC biased against science optionals in the Civil Services Examination?!

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There is a debate among students on this in a forum in the third week of November 2009. These are the excerpts. You can go to the forum link if the page has not expired. Please note that the following points are the views of the experienced students writing on that forum. This post also has a lot of comments on the Science subjects as optionals in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

UPSC is completely biased against science optionals esp maths, physics,engg…..last year maths paper 2 was extremely difficult even though heavy scaling was done… many as 22 candidates got “zero” in paper 2…… average marks was 143/600….howz that possible….if scaling is for providing level playing field among all subjects then why is that average marks of optionals like pub ad and history were more than 280 while maths and physics optional average was less than 150….i’ll advise newcomers not to take any science optional……

yes UPSC is biased…..during d period frm 1990’s to 2000 science options meant selection…ppl scored 500 in maths n physics n all top ranks wre filled wth science options….now upsc is balancing it…..time time ki bat hai,kabhi khushi kabhi gam….humanities wre nvr much scoring n always gave avg marks n still gvng avg marks…..ab question ye uthta hai ki issmein hamari kya galti agar unke 500 marks aate the,hum kyn pay karein uske liye….to this is discrimination in reverse,our reservation is also based on same so cnt question it guys,so hv fun n chill jo jab jab hona hai,so so tab tab hoga…….waise bhi hum sochte kucch aur hain,karte kucch aur hain n hota kucch aur hai.

yes in my views also…upsc is biased against science subject…espicially maths..
earlier it used to give result in bulk..
my question is that earlier..there was no scalling.. or papr was easy…??becoz even in cse 2006 topper had maths..
i m also thinking of taking math as optional …pz do reply…howz the standard of paper.. has it become tough than earlier, i mean fem 2007, 2008..

dude donnt even think abt taking maths as optional..even if u hav phd in mathematics..

dude donnt even think abt taking maths as optional..even if u hav phd in mathematics..somehow if u manage to get ur name on the merit, than also securing a good rank is impossible with maths..

Same case with chem
i did appear in main 2004(having 4500 qualifying pre)total no of chem candidate at delhi center 80 plus.i did not qualified pre in 2005,6,7
after that i manage to qualified pre in 2008(total 12000) but now no of chem candidate is 56 at delhi center
scaling ke nam per they are diging science optional candidate

the level of difficulty and length of paper has increased exponentially since 2006…..i’ll not advise anybody to take maths as an optional.if u think u r very good or even genius in maths even then u should not take the tough route if other easier routs are there.

yaa same advice for Botany too…the papers are now very lengthy and tough..out of total 12 selection with Botany optional in 2008,10 had Agriculture as second optional in which candidates had easily scored more than 350+..and it was only Ag which helped those candidates to be finally get a place in merit.

Guyz ,, there is no need for a further debate on this ..
Its the pattern that need to be scrutinized…
These Ayatollahs of UPSC has veiled the whole process , such that we are living in a autocratic country ,, looking at the pattern of exam
Prelims — Just to Neutralize benefit of coaching They ask weird questions in GS..
Mains .. — Whole lot of uncertainties right from Weird questions ,
Lengthy papers,,
Bias against subjects ,,
Lifting subjects & pulling them down according to there whims
Adding to that subjective nature of Answer checkers ( For we can
pray that our copied go to liberal checkers)
Interview — They pack students in mains ( Marks wise ) So close that ultimately interview marks become deciding factor so that again everything remain under there hands.
and then there evaluation starts on basis of which section of society is underrepresented, Which boy has faced difficult situations & has reached here,,
Again certain times they don’t even listen & Take just 10 minutes in assessing a person & disposing him off..
To add to that prevalence of liberal boards in Interview increase uncertainties..
So this exam has become more a Game of Luck between a Pool of talented students
This exam has become a playground for DP & colleagues to take out there Frustration & they play with our life’s according to there whims & Fancies…..

time waste ho gaya hai ye exam,isse accha gambling mein time lagaya jaye,kucch experince to milega hi

yar ek bat kahne ja raha hun,wth due respect to all,isse jyada badhana nahi bt general candidates wth sc. options ki halat to aur kharab hai,4 mein 2(2008,9)to aise hi nikal gaye,atlst jyada atmpt walon ko kabhi to accha paper mil jayega……ab plzz reservation pe debate mat shuru karna…priyanka ji ka msg padh ke khayal aya likhne na.

why do people need a full year to realise it????

yeah last year there was excessive down scaling in zoology ……….at best we can just pray that this time UPSC harbors some gd will towards us

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January 6th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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  1. sale kya faltu bak rahe ho……aukat hai nahi math aur physics lene ki aur jise math ya physics aati hai use lene nahi dete…….tum log salo arts sub option me lo but jo lena chahta hai use confuse mat karo. i have talked with prakash rajpurohit he has got 2nd rank in ias 2010. and he had optional paper math and electrical engg and he has got 400+ in math paper….so how u say that if u will write well and they will not give you marks. yaa it is correct then there is huge scaling but if u have intrest then u take easily and if u r serious then u will easily get 400+. i m going to appear in ias 2012 with optional paper phy and math and i tell u dat i will get 400+ in both optional. DON’T CHALLENGE AN IITIAN….M NOT A PHD HOLDER IN MATH.

    vivek kumar singh

    29 Apr 11 at 7:55 pm

  2. Well good luck.You sound like typical intellectually challenged IITian who is incapable of critical thinking.Someone who has cleared JEE by cramming and going to some fancy coaching and could only rely on regimented training rather than divergent thinking required in philosphy and sociology.
    And tes i am challanging you that you will not be able to get 350 in both your subjets forgot 400+


    31 Jul 11 at 7:42 pm

  3. salo science walo ke mind ko mat challenge kiya karo i m sure that vivek will become an ias . ye divergent thinking wale subject 2 din me finish ho jate hain


    21 Jan 12 at 7:18 pm

  4. It is true that science subject is difficult than arts but an iitians like prakasraj purohit nitin jain can do anything

    Jahir singh yadav

    23 Mar 12 at 8:28 pm

  5. hello,
    It is true that scoring in science subjects is difficult but not impossible, its highly difficult for maths loving student to leave mathematics optional (personal experience) but no one really cares even if you are genius in any subject, at the end of the day what matters is your name in merit list. well when there is a possibility to get service through humanities (smooth journey) why choose science (difficult journey), in essay humanities helps (250 marks) = you are making things easy, my point is we need to be flexible in upsc game.


    28 Nov 13 at 7:47 am

  6. hi…UPSC exam is fully biased towards humanities.and humanities students have extra benefit,,, all the GS portion is related to humanities,,,,, also scoring in science student is also not easy becoz he has study all from BSC portion… Engineers has to do at least double hard work den a humanities student does,,,and hats off to all dose engineers who even aspires to compete in upsc exam..

    Rahul Singh

    28 Jun 15 at 7:48 am

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