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Debate on the fee exemption to females in the UPSC Prelims

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UPSC aspirants and students (including females) are debating the utility and futility of the fee remission that has been made available to the women applicants now along with the SCs, STs and the PH candidates. These are excerpts (as on 12 pm, 5 Jan, 09) of the debate on a forum (link may have expired).

Not all agree that this move by UPSC vis-a-vis the Civil Services examination will lead to some kind of empowerment etc. and that it is a mere tokenism. Please note that all views in block quotes below are by students/participants in the said forum.

Great ,if not in the parliament at least some consolation somewhere. I don’t understand how is this move going to benefit the women folk. Definitely this cannot be a source of inspiration for some to take up the exam!!! Moreover students pay lacs now in the coaching institutes which tutes them to answer question which are never going to come.
Jokes apart, why do we do this? remission of 50 odd and 100 bucks for reserved category and now the women. I know and understand as a government institution it ought to charge nothing if not even nominal, but still this beats me !!!

good news for women of backward areas will encourage them to appear in this exam

No offences here. But i dont think this remission will act as a protagonist for backward region/class women to take up civil exams.
Frankly i don’t see any encouragement here, it would have been if prelims were remitted for women !!!!

women of backward areas sometimes don’t even get the opportunity to study,so writing the civil services exam is not in question…so any fee exemption doesn’t make any sense as far as such women are concerned and for others ,as it has already been said, are paying lacs for coachings and therefore such an exemption is won’t make any difference to them…

i personally think it is tokenism..
they have also said that in order to maintain gender equality in services they would like
more women to appear for the exam..
and this is a step to encourage them for the same..

IT IS JHUNJHUNA…to be precise

i really appreciate the policy making skills of authorities…
it seems they are totally unaware of the fact that because of the coaching concept, the whole competition is skewed in favour of well off sections of society…..
a token gesture of waiving 50 bucks… it is so pro-poor
a person who can’t afford 50 bucks…do they think he/she can afford newspapers, magazines,internet,library membership,course books,stationary,3-4 years of sustained preparation,access to seniors for guidance through net or phone
even if that poor guy/gal is super-duper born intelligent then what are the chances of selection among those who are trained by hi-fi teachers
a poor guy/girl even if intelligent, has to work with one brain’s efforts whereas most of us rely on notes made by so many brains in coaching teachers
it is nothing more than a “jhunjhuna” given to distract crying kids

Oh Come on !! are we still discussing this ???

It is tokenism of course but it has great symbolic value.
Please note that the notification also says that “Government strives to have a workforce which reflects gender balance and women candidates are encouraged to apply.”
This is a statement laden with value. I am sure they will waive the fee in the Main exam too though all this will not necessarily empower women. But then many things in life have a symbolic value only and they do matter.

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January 5th, 2010 at 12:08 am

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